September 16, 2019

Spring Courses

Spring Courses, or more generally BEST Courses, are european student exchanges. Every year, each Local BEST Group organises a Course, creating a large panel of destination choices each season.

The participants are invited to a week of Academic Lessons around a particular Technologic field. They have the opportunity to visit corporate offices/manufacturies and attend to social and night activities during all the week, creating unforgettable experiences and building relations between european students, academics and corporations.

De-carbonize me, de-carbonize you

This spring, the subject of the BEST Brussels ULB Course is Towards a fully decarbonized European power distribution system: challenges and solutions. In collaboration with Elia, Engie and the professor Pierre Henneaux from the Ecole Polytechnique de Bruxelles (EPB), more than 22 foreigner engineering students will learn how to build a power distribution system for decentralized green energy and all the challenges around it.

Those students will also attend a visit to Elia’s and Engie’s offices and diverse cultural activities such as discovering the cities of Brussels and Bruges, the Venice of the north!

During this event, BEST Brussels ULB offers to companies the opportunity to have a direct contact with those students trough organized activities such as a company visit, and trough merchandising. This is proven to be effective: for example, a participant to our last Course is now doing an internship at Sonaca after an organized visit of their offices!

If you are interested in a partnership or you want more information, please check our partnership booklet for the Course available here (PDF File – 998kb)

Spring Courses - Students Exchanges over Technology
Our 2019 Spring Course – 3D Print Yourself, Addi(c)tive manufacturing is coming!
Our 2019 Spring Course – Sonaca Offices Visit

If you are a participant or a co-organizer, you might be interester to check our survival guide and the event planning.

2019 Spring Course – Planning