September 26, 2021


With the Covid-19 pandemic, BEST Brussels ULB has to change its logistics and external activities. With those new adaptations, the idea of hosting a yearly Hackaton was born.

Our first edition was therefore in 2021, where a dozen groups of participant have to code an algorithm to play a board game. After 24h, all the teams where asked to submit their code, and a virtual tournament between all the algorithm was simulated. The team with the most wins would win the first prize.

As for the 2022 edition, BEST Brussels ULB plans to rise up the level by hosting a live for an entire weekend with a more creative challenge. The teams will have to manage their time and sleep, and a closing event will be proposed after the announcement of the winners.

The Hackathon is a perfect opportunity for a company to have a privileged contact with young engineers. We provide many offers suited to the company needs. A partnership booklet detailing those offers is available here (819 ko)

This event will hold during the weekend of the 25th to the 27th march 2022.